Remove all loose parts, such as: top, belts, tails, chains, leather parts.

Please be aware that the upper part from the tails also can be removed.

This is done by means of levering.

Fill a large bucket with warm water and use a good soap (i.e. Vanish) and use clothes-pegs to place the tails in the bucket.

The sporran itself (with the leather part) )will be placed horizontally in the bucket.

Use clothes-pegs to make sure the leather part will stay just above the water.

After doing this, you can join all parts together again, and have the pleasure of a clean fulldress sporran.

Clean all chains by using, for instance, Hagerty Silver Clean.

Follow the instruction on the package.

Polish all leather parts and keep the belts round, so that also the tiniest hairline crack will be covered with polish.

Polish the top side with a good polish, and don't forget to remove all polish remainders.

After washing the hair parts, for a flat sporran, let drip dry on a drying rack.

Place it so, that the rows of hairs will hang vertically.

For a full sporran, blowdry after washing.

Be aware, that tangles can only be removed with your hands, or the tip of a comb.

Never use the complete comb.