Drum Major:
                        The Drum Major is the head of the band when on parade.
                        Walking in front of the band the Drum Major is usually
                        of imposing bearing, and his drill is always flawless
                        and his uniform immaculate. The Drum Major carries a
                        ceremonial mace and in military bands wears a sash
                        bearing the important battle honours of the regiment.

                        The Drum Major has usually graduated to the position
                        from the ranks of the drummers, although occasionally
                        the Drum Major is a piper. Often the pipers and drummers
                        in a band will wear different tunics and accoutrements,
                        and sometimes different tartans. For example, by
                        tradition drummers' tunics are red following the model
                        of the English regiments, while the pipers wear tunics
                        of "archer green" or black according to the tradition of
                        the Scottish regiments. The Drum Major will wear the
                        same uniform as the drummers, albeit with a few
                        "extras", and the Drum Major is also allowed to carry a
                        Sgian Dubh (a small knife) slipped into the right hose
                        (sock), as worn by the pipers. In military bands the
                        Drum Major carries the rank of Warrant Officer, the

                        senior rank for non-commissioned officers in the army,
                        and will carry a basket-hilt officer's sword.
                        The Drum Major is repsonsible for discipline and dress
                        in the band (including the important role of mashalling
                        the players at parades and competitions), but his
                        primary responsibility is to lead the band on parade by
                        giving the drill commands. To do this the Drum Major
                        uses a combination of vocal commands and signals with
                        the mace as it is difficult to be heard over a pipe
                        band! The mace will be held in different positions to
                        signify halts, marking time, wheels and the end of
                        tunes. These signals are all made without letting go of
                        the mace,

                        although some Drum Majors also "flourish" the mace -
                        that is, toss it spinning into the air. This is done
                        only for show, and is not done in military bands as the
                        regimental mace is far too precious to risk dropping.
                        Mace flourishing, however, is spectacular when done well
                        and is a big crowd pleaser at pipe band competitions.


                        Pipe Major:
                        The Pipe Major is the "boss" of the pipe band, but is
                        not as visible as the Drum Major. The Pipe Major stands
                        in the ranks with the other pipers, occupying the
                        position on the right-hand side of the front rank.

                        In full dress uniform the Pipe Major wears a distinctive
                        gold-embroided badge of pipes surrounded by a wreath on
                        the right sleeve, and may have other special uniform
                        items aswell.
                        The Pipe Major is always a first class player, and his
                        authority in the band is absolute. The Pipe Major will
                        select repertoire, supervise rehearsals, and set the
                        tempos for parades and competitions. There are many
                        jokes about the near God-like status of the Pipe Major
                        within a band, which are not too far off the mark! The
                        personality and abilities of the Pipe Major are the
                        biggest factors influencing the success or otherwise, in
                        both the musical and social sense, of a band.

                        Like the Drum Major, the Pipe Major in military bands
                        usually carries the rank of Warrant Officer, and is a
                        respected figure occupying something of a unique place
                        in the Scottish regiments. The Pipe Major is the head of
                        the unit that represents the best values of the regiment
                        (and country) and may well be a keeper of regimental
                        traditions and also the regimental dancing master,
                        another important role. These "hidden" aspects of the
                        Pipe Major's position were nicely brought out in the
                        1960s movie "Tunes of Glory".