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   Massed Band Commands      You can used for the band to
  Massed Bands:                           Attention whe go started
  Massed Bands   Attention:         Come to attention position
   Pipes:                                          Pipes in two count in front of the body
  Up:                                               Pipes on your shoulder
  Get Ready:                                  Makes your pipes ready for start too playing
  Ready?:                                       If not give a jell
   By the center or:
  By the Rolls
   Stop the music:                           Mace is high and is crossing about the head
  Pipes:                                          All the parts of the pipes in the right hand
  Down:                                          Pipes in carrier on the left hip
  Standed easy:                                     Stay in too the first rest
  Started white playing after the two rolls
  At easy:                                       Stay in too the second rest
  Quick March: