Name or mace parts
Counter march
Cansel your commands
  Warning signal
Mark Time
Stopping from playing
  off the end or bar
Right wheel
Left wheel
Band cirkel: mace is two
times rotation in front
Mace command:
Standard command's for senior D/M in front or the massedbands
                            MASSED BAND DRILL

       1   Before massed bands,find out what is expected of the

       2   Folow the lead Drummajor througout. Keep behind him
             and remain in line with the other Drummajors.
       3   Only lead Drummajor gives the voice commands to the
             bands. Mace commands can give by all the
             Drummajors if possible.

        4   Make drill movements as simple as possible.

        5   Use hand signals to give the other Drummajors
              commands to mace signals.

        6  If chosen to lead the bands off the field, then give the
             necessary voice commands and mace drill.
By the right quick march