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         First I am adjudicator then change the D-dress for Fulldress and leading the massedbands
  In the cirkel compititors,outside
  As adjudicator I have see many strangs  things but this newspaper
  Always ther the lonely piper
       Kevin Franssen and
      George Rosenbrand
  ( Coriovallum PipeBand )
          Dronten & District Pipe Band with Drummajor
                                   Berdien Brijder
                        The massedband in Waalwijk
      Andre du Bois
  Adjudicator James Robinson and
  When it is raining the Drummajor let see
                           Nijkerk: Pipe Band out Oman
This Drummajor have to lear a lot of things
       Nijkerk street parade ,The senior D/M is walking to far for the
                         From internet
whe are friends
sees to Drummajor thet the are bagpipes
the Fulldress uniform
Drummajor André du Bois
If you need training to take contact whit me
massedbands you can't see him on the photo
D/M/ Bob Weibe
Silber Statue
D/M/ & P/M Talk
    A new start with a new look