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               Waiting..Waiting and  Waiting
                   Nerve-racking for the juvenile Drummajors

                       But for the adults are this the same

              The back site is important to

It's warm and the heads are to be sweat

     And whe are standing and waiting

  When is the adjudicator ready with writing
      Apeldoorn 26 mei 2001   This are the trophy's
                         Drummajors waiting for the start
             Ready for inspection from the uniform
Drummajor marching up for inspection
    The adjudicotors of this hot day
  Jim is inspected André
     Florian Faust during M & D
  Always ther ower juvenile D/M
      The bands are waiting for the prices
                            What is in ther heads?
         Massedband with the salud to the chieftain of the day
       Massedband with the salud to the chieftain of the day
  Drummajor George Rosenbrand and the Coriovallum Pipe Band     George has a 3 place
                  Gathering from .... ...... .... ....   2001
Jelmo Bonomo drummer of the City of Amsterdam and
            instruktor from Beatrix Juvenile drummers too
     a snake
Big piper you
      Band with special effects
East Hill Scouts Pipes & Drums  Australia
of the Beatrix Pipe Band
André in civilion after  to give him a cross
because he was 40 year a member
need much matrial
  Andre du Bois
Elly van 't Hoff